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Static or Flying Internationally / Single and Twin Piston / Single and Twin Turboprop / Piston and Turbine / Corporate Jets / Boeings / Ex-military / Wrecks / Gliders / Microlights

Aerobatics & Pilots

Stunt Pilots / Aerobatic Pilots / Commercial Pilots / Private Pilots

Additional Support Services

Firefighting / Ambulance / Police / Parachutes / Fuel Truck / Peel and Paint Services / Hand Gliders and Pilots / Simulator / Hot Air Balloon

Aerial Filming

Air to Air Photography / Camera Mounting / Live Streaming

Charter Services

Crew and Equipment Vip Shuttle From Location To Location
Within Sub-Saharan Africa

Insurance and Clearances

Any and All Insurance in Aviation / ACA / Clearances for All Onsite and Offsite Landings and Airports


Drones of Any Size / Remote Control Aeroplanes / Remote Control Helicopters


Hangars / Corporate Offices / Airports (Private, National and Int’l) / Control Towers / Hangar Staging / Bush Safaris / Deserts / Oceans / Cities – Anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa


On-Site Aerial Filming Support / Last Minute Transport for Crew


Our ASI team of aviation experts, and extensive global networks will assist you to identify, locate, and co-ordinate the ideal aircraft and any other related aviation requirements.

Our extensive knowledge and experience place us firmly as one of the industries true leaders.

We have offices in South Africa (Africa Region), Singapore (Asia-Pacific Region), United Kingdom (Europe) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to cover a broader regional footprint and offer region specific advise.

We handle each project with precision and efficiency, handling all regulatory logistics, technical, and insurance aspects to ensure the production runs smoothly and accurately for all parties concerned. Should issues ever arise,  AVIATION PRODUCTIONS maintains the highest standard in order to fully accomplish and protect everyone involved in each production.

It is difficult to find anyone better connected worldwide in the Aviation Industry. We use these connections and resources to help our clients gain advantage in the Aviation in films and Productions market worldwide.

Aviation Productions International

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